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You might be wondering if yoga is "right" for you.  Well, -just so you know the real facts- YOGA is for Everyone, and in my classes...Everyone is welcome. There are no requirements.. you just show up as you are and I will do the rest.  No flexibility or fancy clothing required. 

A yoga class (or yoga practice) is a time for you to connect with your body, quiet your mind and ease some of the physical and mental stress of life.  Yoga can tone the muscles, keep joints open and make you feel flexible and strong and more at ease in your body.  It is a lifelong practice and can be modified to be accessible to everyone.  


Please check out my class offerings on the other pages, including my Yoga for Stiff People, Corporate Yoga, Meditation Classes, Kid Yoga and Private Yoga Classes. 

Please consider joining our Yoga Tribe. 

I look forward to meeting you.

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