Frequently Asked Questions

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How does zoom yoga work? 

Well, zoom yoga is extremely convenient. 

  1. Email me and I'll send you a link!

  2. Click on the link I give you

  3. Zoom will ask you to download the app

  4. Download (this is easy)

  5. You will arrive on the computer screen both muted and with your video off

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Will other people see me on zoom?


  1. You will arrive with your video off

  2. Most people turn the video on so that I can see what they are doing (to the best of the video camera angle)

  3. You can certainly leave your video off, but I will spotlight my video so that all you see is just me... and others won't be looking at your video either

  4. I put everyone on mute, but you can always un-mute to ask a question

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What if I have questions about poses?

I am always so happy when people ask questions!  

  1. You can come early or stay afte the zoom class to ask a question

  2. Asking a question during class might also help others -ask away!

  3. Yoga Practice is intended for you to LEARN how to do yoga, and it is totally appropriate for you to ask questions

  4. You can always schedule a private yoga class with me on zoom or in person. 

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Will I ever get flexible??

I was the stiffest yoga student when I first started back in 2000! I promise you can increase your flexibility  

  1. You need to practice yoga on a regular basis.  I suggest at least 3 times a week

  2. When you figure out where your stiffness is, you need to change your body habits to start loosen up stiff joints and to counter bad posture habits to create new, healthier patterns

  3. You might also need strength training.  Yoga can also help you get stronger, but don't ever underestimate yourself or your body.  You can always get stronger! Strength is GOOD! 

  4. No one gets extra credit for being flexible.  Flexibility and fluidity in joints is what you are looking for in order to be able to move easily (especially after getting out of bed in the morning!) but it won't make you a better person... 

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What do I need for class?

Nothing except for a desire to take care of yourself- body, mind and spirit

  1. A yoga mat helps you can get one at any Marshalls or equivalent.  The "cheap mats" are cute and colorful.  I would air them out for a few days because they usually off gas pretty badly.  Manduka is my favorite "professional" mat.  It will last you a long time and will never become slippery.  It's expensive, but worth the investment.  Get a dark color so that you can hide any marks from dirty feet (if you are like me and run around barefoot all summer)

  2. Two yoga blocks and a strap is another investment you might want to make.  If you get blocks... make sure you get the 4 inch kind.  The 3 inch blocks are small. Is that already obvious?  And get a 9 ft strap.  Here is a website you can buy these on if you cannot find them. 

  3. If practicing Restorative Yoga then you should definitely invest in a bolster.  Get the really good kind- round and big (unless you are a very small person... then maybe consider getting the smaller size).  Here's the link