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Monthly Subscriptions to Zoom Yoga Classes

4 classes per month $45
8 classes per month $70

12 classes per month $85
Drop in $15  
Please pay via Plans and Pricing page

all monthly subscriptions come with access to the video page

ZOOM Class Offerings 

Restorative Yoga


7:00-7:45 PM
(You need a bolster or firm pillow for this class)

Yoga for Stiff People

Mondays @ 4:30 PM
Thursdays @ 4:30 PM

Saturdays @ 8:30 AM

or SAT JUN 21

Click here to watch an informational video about Zoom classes


Currently all in-person classes are on hold
join my FB page to see updates for workshops
and other in person classes
Thanks so much!

Be Happy * Do Yoga!


Yoga for Stiff People (60 min class)


Yes this class is for you! No fancy yoga clothes required. Class is an hour long and we use two yoga blocks and a strap (which can also be optional). I offer many modifications during the practice so that you can adjust the class to your needs. This is not necessarily a gentle yoga practice, but we focus on doing the same types of yoga poses each week so that you get used to the practice and begin to see your progress. We do standing postures as well as seated postures (on the ground and on the knees -some people use extra padding for the knees). We work on balance, gentle strengthening exercises and lots of stretching and deep breathing to get those stiff muscles relaxed! This class is for men and women and anyone who wants more movement in their lives. All are welcome!

Restorative Yoga (45 min class)


Restorative yoga class is a very gentle class (we don't even get off of the ground).  To get the most out of class, you will need a bolster (I suggest this one), two yoga blocks, a strap and a towel. Sound like too many items to collect just to do yoga?  I promise you, you will become addicted to your yoga props, BUT in the meantime, you can improvise (using two firm pillows in place of the bolster), a belt or scarf in place of the strap, and fold up two towels to replace the yoga blocks. Are you exhausted yet?  GREAT!  Time for restorative yoga.  Each restorative yoga posture is a supported stretch- for instance, we might start on the back with our legs over the bolster and our necks supported with a rolled up towel.  We stay in each pose for about 2-5 minutes, breathing and relaxing so that the body has time to soften and settle.  Some of the poses will feel like deeper stretches and others will simply feel like you are curling up with a pillow for a relaxing nap.  Guaranteed you will feel restored after this class!

Private Yoga

Would you like some individual attention and guidance when it comes to building a yoga practice? To get the most out of your yoga practice, consider scheduling 1–3 private yoga sessions a week if it is in your budget. We can work on individual goals, take care of chronic pain and stiffness, create more body awareness, and work on strengthening and stretching areas that you feel need the most attention. Private yoga classes can also be arranged for businesses and groups of people who want to make their own yoga schedule and practice yoga together. Email me today to set something up or to talk about the options! I currently teach at retirement homes, schools, and can adjust my class to suit any and all levels.

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