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I tried my first yoga class in 2000 shortly after moving to Boston from Southern California.  I was adept at working out at the gym and running on the road, but yoga brought something different. 

After my first class, I could understand that yoga was more than just an exercise to increase flexibility.  As I continued to practice, it began to help me alleviate stress and create more mental clarity. 

In 2007 I moved to Colorado, and entered a month long teacher training at an ashram in the mountains outside of Boulder.  Practicing yoga, meditation and ancient ceremonies (like the fire ceremony) really spoke to my spiritual nature, and I decided to devote my life to the practice of yoga.  

The next year, I opened Yoga Off Broadway in the idyllic mountain town of Eagle, Colorado. Starting from scratch, the yoga studio grew by leaps and bounds in a year that was darkened by a deep recession.  In 2012 I moved back to the Boston area for family reasons.  I sold the yoga studio and it broke my heart to leave all of my students (my friends).  

I have been so grateful to continue to teach yoga since then in Dedham, Concord and now in Acton, MA.  My greatest pleasure as a yoga teacher is to get to know each of my students and to help them feel better in their bodies, both physically and emotionally, so that they can connect with a deeper authenticity—facilitated by their yoga practice. 

If you are looking to add yoga to your life, I hope that you will consider joining our tribe. 

Peace and blessings   ~ Kelly

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